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The 2014 IEEE International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference (2014 IPMHVC) will be held June 1-5 in enchanted Santa Fe, New Mexico. Historic, creative, small enough to be easy to get around yet big enough to offer sophisticated services and accommodations, Santa Fe is one of America's most interesting cities.

BiRa Systems along with AMETEK™ Programmable Power is proud to be participants and sponsors of the event. Come visit us at booth 25.

BiRa's Precision Current Regulator Controller

The BiRa precision current regulator is a power supply controller which can readback voltage, current, and ground current. It can set currents, program ramps, and detect faults from the power supply as well as with it's own independent external interlock channels. All communication is done over ethernet and EPICS drivers are available. This unit can be interfaced to a variety of AMETEK™ Programmable power supplies with BiRa's custom Ethernet Power Supply Controller adapters. Please contact us for a full list of compatible power supplies. A pin out for the power supply connector is provided in the product datasheet, custom interfaces can be made.

Parameter Unit Value
ADC Readings /sec 30/60
ADC Noise (0.1 to 10Hz) uV RMS 3
DAC Resolution Bits 24
DAC Noise (0.1 to 10Hz) uV RMS 2
DAC Linearity 0-10V PPM Max 2
ADC Temperature Stability Max PPM / ℃ Max 0.25
Daughter Card Temp Stability PPM / ℃ Max 1.0
Ethernet Port Mbps 10/100
Input Power VAC 120

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AMETEK™ Programmable Power Supplies

AMETEK™ Power is the global leader in the design and manufacture of precision, programmable power supplies for R&D, test and measurement, process control, power bus simulation and power conditioning applications across diverse industrial segments. From benchtop supplies to rack-mounted industrial power subsystems, AMETEK Programmable Power manufactures Sorensen and AMREL brand DC supplies and Electronic Loads, as well as Elgar and California Instruments brand programmable AC sources.

Overview Model Power
1/2 Rack Programmable DC Power Supplies DLM 600 375W-600W
Full & 1/2 Rack Programmable DC Power Supplies XG 850 670W - 850W
1500 Watt, 1U Programmable DC Power Supplies XG 1500 1500W - 1560W
1700 Watt, 1U Programmable DC Power Supplies XG 1700 1330W - 1710W
Programmable Analog DC Power Supplies XFR Series 2.8kW
DC Programmable Switching Supplies DCS Series 1kW - 3kW
Programmable DC Power Supplies DLM Series 3kW - 4kW
High Power Modular DC Power Suppliess SG Series 4kW - 150kW
Programmable Precision High Power DC Supply ASD Series 10kW-320kW

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